Fairbanks Whyte Laydie String Banjo

ON Last Updated 272018. Great playing condition and great sounding banjo.

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This was probably done to accomodate the steel strings which were becoming popular at that time.

Fairbanks whyte laydie string banjo. When you see the name AC. The Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. Fairbanks you can be sure you are talking about a beautiful and high quality instrument.

7 has a highly flamed 2-piece maple neck with a carved heel a 38 maple rim with tortoise plastic binding and wood marquetry on the rimcap. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Original No-Knot tailpiece and old Jos.

I dont know a whole. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 1970s era USA-made Planetary Geared Pegs.

Fairbanks banjo with this detailed and easy to follow plan. 2 is in anybodys play book the epitome of the professional prewar traditional 5-string banjo. Including full scale drawings of each part as well as sizing and wood suggestions this plan will help you create your very own Whyte Laydie 5 string.

3 so if having your choice of the two favorite banjos of the open back obsession is your oyster weve got the shucking tool to slake your salacity. 0010000001781 Undisclosed Fairbanks Senator Model Banjo 393 similar – very good condition open back frailing banjo made in boston ma rr spikes on 7th 9th frets tuners arm rest bridge tailpiece and head not original -1 j hook fret appears to have been replaced some wear velcro dowel minor crack of headstock. This is one of the largest Whyte Laydie banjos from this period that I have seen with a 12-38 diameter head and a 29-12 scale length.

Fairbanks c1902 whyte Is Similar To. He focussed in particular. 1909 Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 2 5-String.

The date on the pot and dowel stick50421 i believe date this one to the 1922 23 era. I dont know a whole. The Whyte Laydie model was introduced in 1901 and then something really bad happened in March of 1904 the Fairbanks factory had a ferocious fire factually a fearsome conflagration.

WA Last Updated 9202018. For continuing serial numbers please refer to the Pickin article. Now you too can recreate the majesty of an AC.

1921 Fairbanks by Vega Whyte Laydie style R 5 string conversion expired Used – Excellent Condition Country. A great looking great sounding openback banjo from the early 20th century this Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. Offere here is a vintage Fairbanks Whyte Laydie Style R Tenor Banjo.

FAIRBANKSVEGA COMPANY A 5-STRING BANJO WHYTE LAYDIE NUMBER 7 BOSTON CIRCA 1902 The dowel stick stamped NO 7 21533 and WHYTE LAYDIE bearing a plaque engraved The AC. Fairbanks plate to F-V stamp to Vega stamp. What years was the flower pot headstock inlay available on the Tubaphone style 3 5 string banjo.

The engraving on the fingerboard pearl-inlays has worn some. Mike Holmes has done a superb job of tracking down the serial numbers of various. We right now also have a prewar Tubaphone No.

Vintage Whyte Laydie No. Replaces Metal Name Plate. Fairbanks Vega Whyte Laydie Tango Banjo expired Used – Excellent Condition Country.

The earlier ivory pegs and tailpiece used on the higher grade banjos also gave way to the steel pegs and tailpiece better suited. United States – State. Its built with a figured maple neck with veneers and backstrapping as well as an elaborately carved heel.

272 cm with case 2. 7 Whyte Laydie banjo features intricate inlays on the fretboard and headstock Whyte Laydie tone ring an elaborately carved heel and other exquisite details. A classic Whyte Laydie with a 10 1516 maple rim with light colored tortoise bindings Whyte Laydie tone-ring and a skin head.

This classic banjo is in fine playing condition and sounds great. Luckily the Vega Banjo Company was located in the same town and took over production. VEGA STYLE N sold.

There are 28 brackets with a mixture of open and closed Vega bracket nuts. Vintage Vega Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 5-String Banjo No. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 2 Model 5 String Banjo 1909 made in Boston Mass serial 25363 natural varnish finish laminated maple neck and rim ebony fingerboard black tolex hard shell case.

FAIRBANKS 1908 WHYTE LAYDIE NO2 5-STRING OPEN BACK BANJO WITH CASE USED Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. After-Market tone-holes drilled in rim long ago by very capable craftsman. FAIRBANKS CO MAKERS BOSTON MASS the pot stamped 21533 diameter of the head 10 1116 in.

Banjohaven also sells vintage 4 string instrument parts. SN 50412 Matching pot and neck. Welcome to Banjo Haven.

The Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone tonerings employed by Vega tend to have a clear projecting and focused voice that is also. Well-Played early Whyte Laydie Banjo. Be the first to review AC.

This is the reason wanting a Vega Whyte Laydie 5-string has become somewhat synonymous with the quest for a high-quality hard-to-find old-time banjo. 1922 Fairbanksvega Whyte Laydie Tenor Banjo Style R Vintage E56. The white-bound ebony fingerboard has been refretted and features f.

Vintage Vega Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 5 string Banjo. Offere here is a vintage Fairbanks Whyte Laydie Style R Tenor Banjo. Maple neck and pot scalloped Electric tone ring.

1922 Fairbanksvega Whyte Laydie Tenor Banjo Style R Vintage E56. Transitions in the construction of Fairbanks and Vega banjos. I specialize in banjo repairs banjo restorations and banjo consignments of vintage 4 string5 string6 string8 string banjo banjo guitarbanjo mandolin etc.

The necks of the Whyte Laydie and the Fairbanks banjos that followed were considerably stouter than the Electric necks. Roughly 1909 to 1913 the last serial number seen was 30441. This banjo is a splendid example of one of the worlds standard openback 5-string-the FairbanksVega Whyte Laydie 2.

Check out the listings. The date on the pot and dowel stick50421 i believe date this one to the 1922 23 era. All that superfluity aside this really is a nice old instrument.

Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 2 Banjo 5-string 1909 Boston. This beautiful turn-of-the-century AC.

2 Original Pot and neck with matching serial numbers 50412 circa 1921. 33209 Categories Banjos 5-String Banjos. 2 Original 5-String banjo.

When did Vega Fairbanks plate models switch the Whyte Laydie models from a groovedslotted stretcher band to a notched one. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 2 1909 Five String Banjo Vintage Original new-hard case documents VIDEO expired First off I must say this is one of the most beautifully playing and sounding banjos I have ever had the joy to play and own which is many. 2 5-string cello banjo Circa 1903 SN 22924 This is an original thin-rim Fairbanks Whyte Laydie made before the 1904 fire that forced the sale of the company to Vega.

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